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Pham Ngoc Tuan, Cao Ky Son, Le Thi Minh Luong, Hoang Van Quyet It is revealed that when organic composite GT05 is used for vegetable sprouts, the yield of sprout is 6.7 kilogram per square meter and the profit is 99,500 VND. Also, the yield of safety vegetable cultivation is 10.8 kilogram per square meter

Cao Ky Son, Pham Ngoc Tuan, Le Thi Minh Luong Experiment was conducted with 4 formular of nutrition in plastic house in Hanoi  in  two Autunm-Winter seasons 2007 and 2008. These kinds of  nutrition  were studied and made in the Research Center of Fertilizer and Plant Nutrition. The formular CT4  was selected the best one

Cao Ky Son, Pham Ngoc Tuan, Le Thi Minh Luong, Nguyen Thi Nga, The experiment was conducted in Pho Yen and Dong Hy districts, Thai Nguyen province in 2010 and 2011.  Experimen results showed that  the treatment of organic – mineral fertilizer  +  medium and micro-elements adding humic        5% (HCK + TVL + H 5%) 

Cao Ky Son1, Nguyen Thanh Son2, Le Thi Xuan Thu3, Tran Thi My Dzung1 Institute for Soils and Fertilizers, 2. Livestock Production Department, 3.Biogas Project Division in Hanoi Abstract Research was conducted at nine households having biogas digesters which constructed strictly following the Project model designs in two communes of Thanh Xuan and Bac Phu,

Cao Ky Son, Pham Ngoc Tuan, Le Minh Luong (SUMMARY) The experiment with 6 formulas of organic mixture was conducted in green house. These formulas were mixed by volcanic pumice and coconut fibre at certain relevant volume. The best relevant formula for cucumber to attain high yield and high economic profit was mixed by 20%

Nguyen Duc Dung, Tran Thi Hue, La Tuan Anh Abstract The assessing of soil situation and limiting factors is the basis for contributing to the appropriate nutrient management, improving the crop yield and quality towards to VietGAP standards and safe vegetable production. The study was carried out based on the survey, collection and analysis of

Nguyen Duc Dung, Nguyen Xuan Lai, Tran Minh Tien, Ho Cong Truc, Nguyen Thu Ha, Nguyen Viet Hiep, Nguyen Thi Thu Hoai, Nguyen Tran Quyen. Abstract To evaluate the situation, the degree of fertility degradation, determining the reasons for proposing solutions to restore, maintain and improve soil fertility, contributing to sustainable coffee and pepper production